Personal Work

deathmatch: sewage

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch level. Layout and first iteration constructed during a “Mapwars” speed contest for the original Half-Life; later recreated from scratch for HL2DM. The experimental lighting was thought to reinforce game flow, with blues for open areas, greens for tighter spaces and oranges for points of interest. Source engine


dm_sewage-3 dm_sewage-2 dm_sewage-1

portal: simple portals

An attempt at creating nested puzzles that build learning experience on top of each other. Apart from the standard Portal puzzle maneuvers, this set of puzzles largely builds on the exploitation of the rocket turret subtly introduced in the later stages of the original Portal game. Source engine.


simpleportals-2 simpleportals-1 simpleportals-3

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